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Download UniGen application

Why do you need UniGen?

Want to be
protected from Fakes?
Not enough information about product?
Want to make profitable purchases?

UniGen - quality assurance

Be assured of the originality of the goods you purchase. Protect yourself and your close ones from fakes

UniGen - quality assurance

Stickers can't be faked. You get 100% original product.

Our solution is 30 times cheaper than a similar one on the market and doesn't impact on the cost of goods for you.

Don't let dishonest sellers trick you - use UniGen

Additional product information

Get complete product information, its authenticity, origin and movement, expiration dates and other important information

Additional product information

Not even the smallest detail will get away from you and you will know exactly where the product was manufactured, who delivered it and currently sells it

By using UniGen the seller will not be able to fake the expiration date of the goods. Find out real product information

Get and manage bonuses

UniGen system provides unique opportunity - by scanning the bottom layer of the stickers you will get bonuses


Get access to giant marketing producers budgets directly

Use bonuses as you want